Stripped hex nut on extruder idler block

I have a new Taz 5 that’s been working well so far. Today for some reason (probably too much pressure) the extruder idler block broke in two places. I managed to ABS-fuse it back together, but now I can’t get the bolt out - the ABS around the hex nut is stripped and I’ve been unable to wedge it enough to be able to unscrew the bolt. Does anyone have any suggestions, or can I just purchase a new extruder idler block and associated hardware?

I realize I could print a new block - and have seen some nice alternatives on thingverse, etc. - but I only have the one Taz 5 printer and am short on time.


  • Chris


Contact Technical Support to get a replacement.

We have a Service Bulletin posted for these :

I hope this helps,