Thermal Error using Flexystruder V2

I have been trying to use the Flexystruder at a nozzle temperature of 290C. I wanted to make sure the toolhead to withstand this temperature before I went into printing my custom polymer. I let the toolhead idle at 290C for an hour, and the toolhead was able to maintain the temperature. I am using compressed air directed at the heat sink to attain a cooling effect (with a heat shield in place to prevent air flow toward the hot end).

After 8 minutes of printing, the temperature started to drop, and at ~250C the LCD read “THERMAL ERR” and printing stopped. This happens for temperatures upwards of 280C. I need to print my polymer at temperatures higher than 280C. I think the heater is unable to maintain the temperature during printing. Any idea how I can avoid this problem?


There are heat limits in the firmware that you have to adjust for super high temperature printing. You have to edit those and reflash the firmware I believe. Also you may need a thermocouple, not a thermistor to achieve temperatures above 280.

You could try to put a higher wattage cartridge in the tool-head, and maybe then it will be able to maintain the temp.