Time Lapse Print Recording

What are you guys doing for time-lapse videos of your prints? I am curious about doing this but have no idea how to do it.


Built in feature of Octoprint. Camera attached to the bed provides the best perspective, IMO. Keeps the print stationary and just shows progress.

I have no idea what this is. I will research. How does this record your printer? What hardware do you need?


When you research, you’ll find out… :slight_smile:

It’s basically a print server that runs on a Raspberry Pi. It streams gcode and controls the printer (via web interface) similar to your laptop/workstation today. Slice the object then upload the gcode file, then start the print. Monitor via the webacm… which also records video and creates the timelapse at the end.

Here’s a video on setting it up and possibly an overview of the features:

Built in feature of Astroprint as well. :slight_smile:

A turnkey solution is Matterhacker’s Touch https://www.matterhackers.com/store/printer-accessories/mattercontrol-touch-t10, but I use Octoprint, which is lower cost.

All you need for Octoprint is a Raspberry Pi, a case (which you can 3d print) and power supply (5 Volt 2.5 amp maximum depending on what Raspberry PI) for it, and pretty much any USB Camera, probably $100 maximum for all. I highly suggest a Raspberry Pi 3, as it has WiFi built in to it.

To make it easier, use the OctoPi, which is a preconfigured software build that you just load onto a micro SD card, modify a file on it to change your password and SSID for your network, and start it up. It’s literally that easy. There are a number of step by step tutorials on Youtube to walk even the clueless through it. One gotcha is that you need to make sure you format large cards as FAT32, which you can use the free utility FAT32 utility found here http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm.

Good luck!

I use one of my GoPro cameras attached near the corner of my bed.

https://youtu.be/tQ0rLVy6-ns <— A Sample of my time lapse. Actual time lapse starts 50 seconds in.

This is attached on the front of the bed? Does it get in the way of the print head? Also is there a file for the holder?


I attached mine to the front right of the bed, as long as I don’t tilt the camera inwards there is no touching. I never uploaded the file but I will attach it here. You do need to drill a hole in the metal plate Just use my photo as a guide. I often use GoPro extenders to get the camera up a bit higher.

When I want to get a more close up for small parts that print in the middle of the bed I use an extension arm and then as soon as the print head moves toward the center I pause the print and lean the camera in for a closer view, this way I can get closer without the X axis smacking my camera when it homes.
Alum Bed Gopro Mount2.stl (500 KB)

Here’s a quick one I did, printing one of my parts for a customer !


I’ve used my iPad proped up beside the printer. Works fine, time-lapse is one of the camera modes.