Tips for removing residual T-Glase about 0.5mm thick

Hi there.
Just getting into 3d printing and really enjoying it.
Yesterday I printed something in T-Glase (for the first time) and I didn’t coat the print bed with anything. While the bed was still warm, I managed to get the part off but it left a few 0.3mm-0.5mm residual bits of plastic.

I’ve been looking on the internet for a few hours now for the best way to clean this but haven’t really found what to do in this situation.
I did learn a few things to make life easier in the future, listed below.

  • Prints are best pulled off at a certain temp listed in this post [Re: Tips for removing objects from the bed? Postby nickp » Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:48 pm] Most are around 45 to 50 deg c
    You can design the part with a sort of mesh that can be pulled off
    Applying freeze pack to create a difference in temp from the plate to the part (once the bed has cooled down to room temp)
    Tapping gently with rubber mallet
    It’s best to try and slide the prying tool under all corners to get a part off instead of twisting from one side.

Any other suggestions as to how to get the residue off safely without damaging the PEI?

Also had I used the Isopropyl alcohol wipe as suggested in the Start Here book, would it have been easier to get off or even harder?


I would suggest that you reheat your bed to the printing temperature, which I think is around 100° C for T-Glase, and let it sit for a few minutes to soften up. Then lower the temp to 50-60° C and use a putty knife or the clam knife that comes with the Mini to gently scrape the leftover plastic off. Wear oven mitts because the bed will be hot and take care not to scratch the bed surface.

For future prints with T-Glase, consider applying a very thin coat of Elmer’s purple glue stick to the bed prior to printing. It will allow the parts to release easier and cleans up with a damp cloth. Make sure the printer is turned off before cleaning the bed.

Been there, done that. Almost ruined my mini bed the first week, when I printed a large object in T-Glase directly on the PEI. It’s a lesson I won’t forget. :slight_smile:

The advice from CoParaTech above is good. Try to CAREFULLY get any remaining bits off the bed using a putty knife or the clam knife, just be careful not to cut into the bed surface in the process.

After you have removed everything you can with a knife, the bed will be smooth but you’ll likely still see an “outline” of the part – which won’t stop you from printing, but will likely leave marks in the bottom of future parts. You can get rid of that by LIGHTLY wet-sanding the PEI with some 2000 grit abrasive (I like the 3M Trizact product). After some LIGHT sanding, wipe off the bed with a damp cloth and let it dry. Repeat as needed to eliminate the residue. A final wet sanding with 3000 grit Trizact will provide a finish very close to the original PEI surface.

As stated above, Elmer’s purple glue stick works GREAT between the PEI and TGlase. It provides enough “stick” for the TGlase to print, but allows easy part removal and keeps a barrier between the PEI and TGlase. It is also really easy to clean off with a damp cloth, since it is water soluble.

Wiping with alcohol is intended to remove any oils/fingerprints on the bed that might interfere with adhesion. So it will help with adhesion if there are oils/fingerprints, and won’t do much of anything if the bed is already clean.

Great advice, thanks.

Managed to scrap it off gently as you suggested but I think I’ll give it a little sand too.

By the looks of it, I have to cut off a tie clip to unplug the bed, or is this job better done in place?

Thanks again.

I did it in place, with the printer OFF and the bed at room temperature. Use just enough water to keep the surface wet – so it doesn’t run over the edges. Dry everything thoroughly before powering up again.

If you do decide to remove the bed, that tie wrap has to be cut and the bed unplugged, then it’s just removing the four corner washers. Instructions for removing/replacing the bed are here:

I looked all over the lulzbot website for the instructions to remove the print bed. Didn’t manage to find them.
Thanks, just what I was looking for.
You were very helpful.
Much appreciated.