Too Much Rocktopus Settings

Hey all,

I’ve had the Taz 5 for about 9 months and I actually printed for the first time from the SD card the other day (toying around). I printed the too much rocktopus print with ABS. I was surprised at the speed/size of the print. I was wondering if anyone knows what the equiv. settings in Cura would be (basic stuff like print speed, layer height, infill %, etc.). I have been focused more on slower quality prints, but was pleasantly surprised with the speed/quality ratio I got from that run.

Just curious.

Yup. From inside Cura, change to Advanced settings, then on the File menu select “Load settings from GCode file” and locate the file you’re referring to on the SD card. It won’t load the model on the virtual print bed but it will load the print settings on the tabs for you. You can then choose File -> Save Profile and save the print settings using the file name of your choice.