Taz 5 / Flexydually Print Speeds

I was using older versions of cura and have recently updated. I unfortunately lost my old fine tuned profiles along the way (one fault / wiped machine).

I’m still getting used to the newness of the updated Cura. I see a lot more speed knobs.

I noticed print speed is something like 12mm (or in that ballpark). Even on high speed profiles (where the most discernable difference is layer height). I believe I was running in the ballpark of 40-60mm before (I think 40mm was where I had the most success with the flexydually).

12mm seems slow. So given it’s the recommended setting - what am I missing? Maybe I’m reading the settings wrong. Maybe slow and steady wins races and this is advice of experts. Maybe I should push the boundaries and start tweaking back up to 40+ speeds.

What do other Taz 5 owners (flexydually setup) typically run at when printing ABS on T0? What if only T0 is in use does your strategy change?

What other settings do you tweak? Currently I adjust layer height, nozzle temps, bed temps, flow rate, filament diameter, infill by taste, and usually brim all the time to avoid warping.

I want to push speed boundaries :wink:.