tool head printed parts


I am upgrading my current tax 4 head to the all metal hotted and i am printing out a new extruder mount. I also am doing some mods to the machine and i am wondering the best material to print the parts with. I know the answer will be abs however i am struggling to get them printed without the usual warping etc. Can these be printed in colorfabb NGEN? I don’t know the temp these parts will get exposed to. I am assuming Std PLA is out of the question?

Correct, PLA is inappropriate due to the low melting point. I have used ABS, HIPS and PETG for making the printed parts of the print head. All have help up well. A number of folks have recommended an extremely high infill (85%); however, since I want to reduce the mass of the moving print head to reduce print problems from inertia, I tend to use no more that 30% infill.

I probably wouldn’t use NGEN since it seems to have a lower melting temperature than ABS, HIPS, or PETG.