tool heads

hello :slight_smile:
i dont have a 3dprinter yet…
i want to buy your MINI…
browsing in STORE…i saw two differend tool heads… :confused:
whats the difference??

The standard mini toolhead is designed to print all filliament types EXCEPT ninjaflex and polyflex flexable filliaments. The Flexistruder is designed to print ONLY flexible filliaments, and none of the other types. You technically can run other filliaments through it, but they wil wear out the liner and do other things to it that are bad, so you don’t want to. I would note that the price tag is also slightly different between the two, but I’m going to leave that topic alone…

so…as a beginer…that gonna print mostlly in ABS and PLA…)
i guess i will experemnt it some exotics…dont need to upgrade?

As a beginner, I’d just go with the standard Mini Toolhead v2. You’ll want to get used to things with some of the easier filaments to work with before you experiment with the flexible stuff anyway.

The procedure to swap them out is not at all difficult: I had three 5th graders do the swap on their class room’s printer when they had problems with their original head. I supervised a bit, mainly to make sure they didn’t over-torque some of the small bolts, but they had no problem.

the 5th grader of our time…got better understanding in those sitioation then adults :wink: :wink:
tanxx johny boy!!

Just to be clear – the Mini comes with the standard toolhead. You don’t need to buy an extra standard toolhead if you plan to just use the one that comes with the machine, i.e., you’ll be printing standard plastics like ABS, HIPS, PETG, or PLA.