I have had my Taz5 for a couple of weeks and am having a lot of fun and am slowly learning all the ins and outs of 3d printing.

My machine had a very tight left Z-axis which took a little time to get fixed but it seems nice and smooth now. In the process of learning
the machine I made a few items that might be of some use to others on the forum. I made a dial indicator mount because I didn’t know about Thingiverse but anyway it’s designed for a cheap indicator bought off of Amazon. Having not built up the level of confidence I have now in the potential to lose z steps I made a little Z indicator for the right z axis to see if it comes back to home. I’ve never seen it not come back to zero and it probably would take . 1mm difference for me to notice but it might be useful to someone. I also made a torque gauge for the Z lead screw so I could tell if I’m as smooth as I need to be.

The items and better explanation are as a group on Thingiverse