Torture Test - Is Your Printer and Slicer Calibrated Properly

What I used to perform this test:

  1. TAZ 4 upgraded to TAZ 6.
  2. AeroPro 0.5 mm nozzle (IT-Works version of the Aerostruder)
  3. Slic3r Prusa Edition slicer
  4. Hatchbox PLA printed at temp 210C
  5. Bed 60C
  6. Print speed 60 mm / sec, external perimeters 40 mm / sec (more on this below)
  7. Layer height 0.25 mm

This print test of the Ultimate Torture Test (from here: came out very good. The test was originally developed as a collaboration between Kickstarter and Autodesk. I found it is a good benchmark to test a printer’s and slicer’s capabilities for all sorts of things like bridging, overhangs, dimensional accuracy, etc.

Here’s the front view. I had previously removed the round pegs and then put them back in for the picture. The peg test is good for testing how well your printer can hold dimensional accuracy:

Here’s an angle view:

Here the round pegs are removed. The tightest peg took a little effort to push out with my thumb:

Here’s a side view showing one of the bridging tests. A 0.1 mm feeler gauge is inserted in the gap of the longest bridge. The combination of the TAZ 4 (upgraded to TAZ 6), AeroPro extruder (from IT-Works) and Slic3r Prusa Edition gave pretty good results here:

Here’s the spires up close. Excellent results for a 0.5 mm nozzle:

Lastly, here’s the underside of some of the bridging. Very nice results on the bridging and overhang:

Keep in mind the above print was printed at normal speed (60 mm/sec infill, 40 mm/sec external perimeters) and layer height (0.25 mm).

Here’s the speed settings:

Here’s the layer height settings:

Here’s the layer width settings:

I did not have such good results w/ Cura. Printing w/ the above specs I could not get the last peg (0.2 mm) out of the hole, the top surfaces were not near as clean looking, etc.

Based on my test results (this Torture Test and other prints as well), Slic3r Prusa Edition is better than both Cura and Simplify3D for producing quality prints.

I’m curious if anyone can get Cura to print as good as Slic3r on this Torture Test?

Color me curious too. I may have to give Slic3r PE a try, because I can’t get tighter than .3 with Cura LE. Quick question, can you use regular Slic3r or does it need to be the Prusa version?


I was also curious about the regular version, but I never got a chance to try it out.

One thing that gave me a level of confidence in sticking with the PE version is that the PE version is updated much more frequently than the regular version and it’s giving me excellent results.

If you get a chance to try it out please let me know what you think.

The slic3r PE version has moved light years beyond where the older slic3r was. The only thing the offshoot slic3r has that PE doesn’t yet was the software linear advance feature, which never really worked.

One of the newer versions, Slic3r PE v1.41.1, does have linear advance profiles , but I don’t know how good they work:

I found that IT-Works version of Lulzbot’s Aerostruder called the AeroPro works so well it doesn’t need Marlin’s linear advance option at my normal external perimeter speed of 40 mm / sec. I have not yet done any testing on how fast I would need to print inorder to see any benefit from linear advance.

Both the Aerostruder and AeroPro are based on the e3d Titan Aero so they both should give similar results.

I’m running what I think is Marlin’s latest release v1.1.9 which has an improved version of linear advance which I might test at higher print speeds.

In all my pictures of prints for this thread no linear advance was used

Off topic, but do you have the ItWorks 1.75 hot end on your Mini? How do you like it?


I used the IT-Works 1.75 with my TAZ 4/TAZ 6 hybrid when I printed the Torture Test. I like the 1.75 alot.

I originally bought the 1.75 because I wanted something I could use with the new Mosaic Palette 2 Pro that I bought which currently only works with 1.75:

Ha ha, exactly why I would like to have a 1.75 extruder etc. :slight_smile: Or a 2.85 Pallette


This post has got me wanting to give Slic3r PE a try. Is there anything special that needs to be done to configure a TAZ 6 to use Slic3r PE?

Hey Bustercherry,

I’ll try to make this painless. I attached the config file I created to print on my TAZ 6 the Torture Test you see in the pics. When you download Slic3r PE you s/b able to import my config file from the File menu and see my Print Settings, Filament Settings and Printer Settings in the respective dropdowns:
Here’s where you can download the version of Slic3r I used that looks like it’s on the next revision already (1.41.2):

You’ll want to scroll until you see the following and download it:
While the attached config file has most of the stock TAZ 6 settings there are a few settings that I customized for my TAZ 6. The following sections you will need to modify for your TAZ 6:

  1. Start code
  2. End code
  3. Nozzle diameter
  4. Filament diameter
  5. Z-offset
  6. Bed shape

You can find those settings that need to be modified in one of the three tabs (Print Settings, Filament Settings, Printer Settings).

Please be at your printer ready to switch it off immediately when you first try Slic3r with my profiles because, while I think I covered everything pretty good, it’s possible I forgot to mention something important.

Any issues or questions please let me know.

TAZ6_Normal_AeroPro_1.75_config_bundle.ini (293 KB)

Awesome. Thank you. I’ll give it a shot after the holiday.