Training videos or documentation?

Hi there,

I have been a casual user for a couple years, but am now being moved into a position that requires a bit more knowledge. We run several TAZ 6 printers and a couple of the Mini 2. They all have varying degrees of use. I’m in a library system that has 1 at every branch. During the last year we have been closed so they haven’t had much use and may need a little TLC.

Some of our branches are reporting having to try printing something 4-7 times before they get a successful print. Could this be because the filament has been sitting unsealed for 15 months? One branch staff member thinks hers seems brittle.

Are there any available training documents and/or videos? I’d like to know how best to provide maintenance for our Lulzbot printers. Another thing I would really like is a deeper understanding of how to use Cura. Such as creating new material types in the drop-down.

Thanks. :grinning:

We have a large number of user manuals available for viewing on our main website, as well as our download page.

The TAZ 6 user manual is a little dated due to its use of the legacy version of Cura LE.

But the Mini 2 user manual will have everything you need to know regarding Cura and the Mini 2.

I have also attached a short maintenance guide that will go over the different things to look for and to clean on our 3d printers.

That is great. Thanks so much!