Tricopter printed in n-vent

Tri-copter printed with n-vent using this model
We’ve since flown it several times. n-vent was a pleasure to print, and makes for a very durable copter!

Great looking copter ITW! What differences did you notice with the n-Vent filament over traditional ABS/PLA’s? What is your plans with the copter?


n-vent has terrific strength without being brittle, similar to ABS. Inter-layer adhesion similar to PLA. And it prints easily with nice overhang performance.
I had the completed tricopter (in the background) at Maker Faire this weekend to fly around, and was handing the battery cover to people all weekend for twisting like I’m doing in the photo. As you can see, it held up to plenty of abuse :slight_smile:

Wow. That looks significantly stronger!! How is the n-vent for heat vs abs or pla

Prints at 240, so similar to ABS for heat.

that filament looks awesome… but $88 for 2lbs is crazy… thats 4x the cost of ABS or PLA… i understand its premium filament, and id pay 2x the price, but for $88 i cant handle that.