Trouble Removing ABS Print

Printed a double size Roctopus with Chroma Strand ABS and had a very tough time removing the print. Yes I had let the print surface cool down to 50 C - used a flat stiff putty knife and small tapping hammer to lift the print. But was super tough to remove. Toward the end I turned the machine all the way off and let things cool down a bit more

Any suggestions? Was really afraid of damaging something.

Thanks much

Gotta use a glue stick as a release agent for ABS. When stuck try spraying with a mixture of water and alcohol.

thanks, I will try that next time, but in my defense I did look at the Lulzbot Filament guidelines in several places and don’t remember any mention of glue stick

Thanks much for the quick reply

Isopropyl alcohol will help release the ABS from the PEI.

Clean the nozzle, discs and wiper pad. It sounds like the auto level is off. Is the first layer of the print wider than than the rest?

You really don’t need anything on the PEI to print ABS. Just get the initial nozzle height correct. The point of PEI was to avoid any treatments (hairspray, abs juice, glue stick). Well, I take that back… for certain filaments glue stick is recommended, but not the typical PLA, PETG, ABS.

Ahhh yes, I apologize! I was thinking of the ninjaflex filament, you’ll want to use a glue stick when printing with that filament.

Thanks everyone-

As a beginner and someone that does not have a group of 3D printing folks that I know, my learning curve has been a bit challenged at times and I stick real close to the Lulzbot guidelines, I really like the pick the filament and the rest is done for me including picking the speed of the printing.