Trouble with X homing..


Trying to use the Taz 6 without an extruder attached for another application and I’ve lost the X homing behavior entirely. Basically, when you send the X home command it hits the limit switch and then locks the X axis - no commands will move it. The Y axis works fine. Reboot and re-attach an extruder and the X axis homing works fine. Been trying to find what is happening in the firmware but I’m stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I think I had a similar issue when I made my own extruder head. On the extruder is a safety switch incase of overtravel in the + X direction. One of the wires was off the switch.

Try to disconnect a wire from your standard extruder and see if you have the same issue? Maybe then you have to jumper it if you try to run/home without the extruder?