Type of filament for Taz parts

What kind of material do you use to print extra parts and fan shrouds? Would ABS or PLA work just as well? I also need to print a new set of gears for the extruder/stepper motor.

Stock parts are abs, 85% or better infil. Pla, being more brittle and with a lower melt point is not suitable for many parts.

Thanks Piercet, does layer height affect strength? Also where can I download the STL files for the spare parts?

Layer height can affect strength a bit, but usually only if your layer adhesion is bad. You can get all the parts from download.lulzbot.com

I just printed out Piercet’s anti wobble parts in PETG. It’s a little more flexible than ABS. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get them assembled and installed (though I doubt I’ll be able to tell anything other than a clear breakage.)

Hopefully the last of your parts should be there tomorrow too

So, I have the option of downloading the STL file or G-Code… Im familiar with STL because thats what I’ve been doing. I know what G-code is and Cura basically turns the STL into g-code before the print, but what would be the pros and cons of using STL vs G-Code pertaining to me using Cura with my Taz 3… Is there a noticeable difference in quality?

An stl is the base part itself. A gcode file is the rendered numeric control file that prints the part according to the settings of the printer it was rendered for. For example, if the settings were for a taz 3 you could print it fine. If they were for an ao-101 which some of the older parts were, then it would end up funny looking. You almost always want to generate a new gcode file from the stl file based off the parameters you supply.

Also you should have gotten and SD card with your machine that contained all the printed parts on it in stl format.

I bought my Taz 3 used on craigslist. I am trying to learn as much as I can about it. I’m getting there slowly…