Uneven Prints

I am using a Lulzbot mini and my prints are rippled. The belts seem to be fine, and I am not sure what could be the problem?

That actually looks fine… assuming you’re talking about the pattern of the adjacent extrusions inside the square border. Think of the hotend as a tube of icing or toothpaste, the extrusion actually comes out as a cylinder. The top surface will never be completely smooth…

If you’re talking about the “ripples” where the infill meets the border, that looks fine also. Its a continuous extrusion and “u-turns” on itself. The overlap could be adjustable in the slicer software… but it looks fine.

EDIT: Looking closer at the picture, there might be something going on with the nozzle tip. Try a cold pull to remove anything in the nozzle. Since that’s the first layer, try increasing the multiplier or flow rate.

Might also be that the tip is a bit too far from the bed. The extrusion looks a little tall. Lines seem rounder than expected.