Upgrading TAZ 4's to TAZ 6's

I upgraded my two TAZ 4’s to TAZ 6’s; however I utilized the TAZ 4 electronics boxes so I would not have to do a total rewire.

I used the dual extruder ports to run the extra wires into the electronics boxes. Now, I really need the dual extruder ports for dual extruders; hence I’m looking to drill a hole into the metal electronics boxes and run the extra wires through the holes.

The TAZ 4 electronics boxes seems to be made of heavy metal. Has anyone drill through them yet to do the TAZ 6 upgrade?

You can just buy the Taz 6 electrical box.

That being said, if you need to drill the Taz 4 box, you can. I would definitly reccommend removing the Rambo board first, and surround the area you will be drilling with masking tape, sticky side up to catch any chips. A stepped drill bit works well for that.

I didn’t want to totally re-wire the RAMBO board; hence the reason why I wanted to stick w/ the TAZ 4 electrical box set up; however I did buy a step drill bit for the job. Thanks for your help.