Updated firmware after a long time - but problems

Hi - I bought my Lulzbot Mini 2 in 2018 from Amazon and basically am just starting to (try to) use it. I updated the firmware from to I was able to re-load the original E-steps (420 mm) and Z-axis offset -01.10, and was not expecting to have to do anything else but then on the screen of the machine it seems to be asking me to provide or confirm an X and a Y, and I don’t know what to do. It is flashing “X -4” and “X -?”, and then also “Y 193” and “Y ???”. The Z seems okay at 183.

Any advice? I’m a complete beginner at this.


You can also submit issue or feature requests here https://gitlab.com/lulzbot3d/marlin2.0


The X and Y coordinates flashing with the ? is normal and will do that until the printer is homed.

When first turning the printer on, it does not know where the X and Y axis are located. Once homed it will know their location and it should no longer show the question mark.

Thank you! Just printed to the rocktopus! All good.