TAz 6 flashing ? on screen after firmware update

I recently upgraded to the latest Cura lulzbot edition 2.6 and updated my firmware on my Taz 6. Now that it is done, I immediately noticed the X Y and Z on the printers LCD screen keep changing to ?'s. So the X the Y and the Z go back and forth from the letters, to ?'s.

Why is that happening and what does it mean? This is the first time I have updated my firmware since I bought the Taz 6 in Nov of 2016.

Thanks for any help.

Those are totally normal! Once the printer has been homed values will appear in those spaces which read the coordinates of each axis. The printer just needs to home first so it can orient itself and get the correct values to display.

So the same thing happened to me and I went ahead and homed it. I’m still getting the question marks when cycling power and I’m unable to print anything from the SD slot

Those question marks will reappear when you cycle power because it erases your printers information on the location of the axises, that is normal and nothing to be concerned about. The SD card issue could be a couple things, when you say you can’t print anything does it register that a card has been plugged in but not show any files? Have you tried a couple different SD cards? Are you making sure to load the files onto the card as a GCode as opposed to a STL file?