Upgrade my TAZ 5 to ED3 v6 and i am getting a MAXTEMP triggered

Hi everyone

I have upgraded my TAZ5 and i dont seem to be able to make it work at all. I have checked all steps twice but when the printer enters PID (since it is the firstboot after the upgrade) it does

echo: M301 P28.79 |1.91 D108.51
-: Extruder switched off. MAXTEP triggered !

And i cant seem to make it work.

I have checked configure.h and the settings are according to http://wiki.e3d-online.com/wiki/E3D-v6_Assembly

Anyone has any idea what is stopping the progress? Thanks

Whenever you change a hotend from stock, you are going to want to be sure to update the firmware (specifically the thermistor definition.) Different thermistors give off different readings at different temperatures. This is how your printer controls how much power (along with a PID tune) your hotend is getting.

A MAXTEMP error will suggest that your hot end is set above the maximum temperature in the firmware. This will be due to actually getting too hot (yay safety!) or the thermistor reporting an incorrect reading.

However, (little insider support tip) we see a MAXTEMP error triggered on our older TAZ’s (1-5 with a 0.35mm noz) when you swap the stepper motor connector, and the hotend connector. (Both 4 pin molex, possible to swap them.) So I would check there first (be sure the PRINTER IS OFF before unplugging anything), and be sure you wired your new hot end connectors into the existing connectors properly.

Let us know how it goes!

Looks like all the problem was that there was a short in the thermistor.

When you tight the screw to keep it in place the thermistor one of the sleeves comes out and that created a bad contact.

We determined that was the problem with a multimeter and moved on and ended up printing just to get a clogged nozzle with PLA just a few hours after getting started.

Looks like an air bubble got formed inside due to poor tightening of the nozzle.

Anyhow, we changed from PLA to ABS since we feel it is more reliable for newbies to get things going and we will report back.

Thanks again for your help, we really had a fire baptism and 3D printing is far away from beign a plug an play business.