Upgrading Kittaz with Hexagon head not working!

We recently purchased the new hexagon head for are kittaz 4 and we are having some trouble getting it working. We keep getting an error 0 (extruder switched off). Occasionally we can get it to start up with out the error but it will not heat up. Has anyone ells had this problem? or know what to do to fix the error? any suggestions would be great!


The hexagon uses a different thermistor than the Buddaschnozzle did, so you have to have upgraded firmware in order to make it work. If you are on the Taz 5 firmware now and it’s still not working, then you either have it wired wrong, or the heater core or thermistor is broken.

Do a continuity check on the hotend heater core and the thermistor, and check the wires back to the control board. Also check that your Always on Fan has power and is spun up.

OK so i went to the taz 5 firmware and now its heating up but wont move or feed the filament.

Is it at temperature? the Taz 5 firmware has a thermal protect “don’t move until above temperature X” feature enabled.

No i don’t think so even after it warms up to temp it still wont move. Then if I press print Cura thinks its printing but it will not move at all.

Do you have the LCD add on, and if so, is it giviing you a specific error message on the LCD? Also, can you print anything direct from the LCD or extrude from the LCD extruder?

I’m guessing you either have a wire issue here, or a thermistor fault.

Make sure you did not blow F2 which runs all the stepper motors.

We do not have the LCD screen and fuses are intact. So Since we had it moving but not warming up earlier then when we changed firmware its now warming up but not moving wouldn’t that mean it has something to do with the firmware and not wiring? Would the fact that it was an older Kittaz dual extruder that we are now making a sing extruder have something to do with it to?

Yes, if your control software is looking for a second extruder and isn’t seeing one, it would show up as being below the required heat level to allow extrusion and would not let you print. Make sure you have everything set as single extruder in your control software. You may also try prointerface (the little simple dinky doesn’t do much controller) just to make sure it isn’t a Cura setting of some sort.