Where is everyone getting there wire connectors?

I was looking over the taz 6 wiring harness and the part numbers for the connectors and pins i can not find on digikey or some of the other small parts stores i usually go to.

I sure the part numbers are different depending on the manufacture, but does anyone have the tech specs on those parts?

I bought all mine through Mouser ( http://www.mouser.com ). You should be able to just search for the part numbers listed. Sorry I don’t have them handy or I would list them here.

I cross referenced the Lulzbot part numbers with the TAZ 6 BOM which I found here https://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/6.0/production_docs/

Digikey also carries the parts, but they might need to cross reference them if the Digikey part number is not listed in the BOM.

I prefer to go to homedepot