Installing the Flexy Dually & (swapping Dually & single head

I bought the Flexy Dually with my printer and am really excited to get into multi materials and flexibles. But still learning the basics with single extruder. I’ve reviewed the install and set up instructions and It looks pretty involved.

How complicated is it really to install and get the dual head up and running?

Once you have the Dually installed and set up. How difficult is it to switch from single head to dual head. Do you have to redo the set up each time?

Is this a TAZ 5?

If so, then the firmware needs to be switched to properly operate the budaschnozzle on the dually. Probably should double check the nozzle heights when swapping toolheads.

When switching back to single hexagon, load the firmware for the metal hotend. Check the nozzle height again.

If prints start to lose adhesion, clean the bed with isopropyl alcohol and check bed level.

For the reason flashing firmware on toolhead swap, I’ve held off on purchasing the dually. Hopefully they develop a dually with all metal hotend or I may just print and build a hex/e3d dually.

If I did have the dually, I’d probably just leave the buda firmware wiyh the dually and resist switching back and forth between toolheads.

Ya sorry Taz 5.

Good input I was thinking the same thing to just leave the Dually, BUT I’m not sure what the finest layer thickness u can run with the Dually 5mm nozzles? Do you know? Description only talks about the .5mm nozzle reduces the X &Y resolution. Also wondering if I loose the ability to do really done layers and fine detail.

I just got my Taz. And one of my pre sales questions was are they working on an all metal hot end Dually they said its in development. But I did not want to wait on an undisclosed amount of time.

So let me ask you about the firm ware updating. Is it the type of thing were it’s just replacing one internal file for another on the fly or dose or take a bunch of time to update?

It looks like they are developing a dually for the hexagon. Check the devel.lulzbot. com site under “javelin”. They have the dual hex j-plate, all that’s needed is the toolhead to mount onto the x-carriage. Possibly reuse some of the dually parts…

I couldn’t find a javelin folder in

I think it was here:

Not much info, but the hex mount plate shows two hotend mounts. The center opening in the .2 version looks like a nice opening for a capacitance proximity sensor… for autoleveling.

All you need is toolhead mount for the X-carriage is all that’s required. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m striving for a hybrid or something direct drive:
Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.31.51 PM.jpg

I ended up making the decision to return the current flexydually and get my money back, and wait for the new all metal hot end version. Since the new hot ends will be the same swapping the heads out will not require firmware change. I think? Since they are the same and your just adding a 2nd extruder. They say the dully should be out in May and the flexydually to follow shortly after that.