Has anyone done a flexy dualie hexagon?

I got a Taz 5 and have built the flexy-struder head via a long process of sourcing parts from everywhere. Long story short, I’m about ready to put together the dual tool head but looks like the firmware for dual is meant for the buddaschnozzle. Can I just get the latest Taz 5 firmware and is it as simple as changing the number of extruder and the extruder offsets?

You have to rig a cooling fan up for both hexagons, there is a fan mount dual extruder variant to do that in devel.lulzbot.com Aside from that, it should be just be a matter of updating the Taz 5 firmware with the extruder offset and enabling the second extruder, etc. You can use the Taz 4 dual extruder firmware as a base to compare the needed changes.


We are currently developing the V2 tool heads! You can follow along with all our work here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/ These are still our developemental names, and there will be a guide at the bottom of the page to help clarify some items.

I printed the kanyu stl, which is cool since it has the cutout for the hexagon hotend. I started printed the longfin models but according to the instructions, the bed clips need to be replaced with aluminum ones. Maybe I can use the udpated Kanyu flexystruder with the older “dualie” setup?

We replaced the bed corners with the longfin design to allow for the double sided fan mounts on the new duals. These are essentially the same bed fingers, just skinnier in the Z direction so it doesn’t hit the fans. You can find the drawing of these new corners here.

You may just run into your existing bed corners during movements if these are not swapped out.

Thanks! Time to buy a mill :smiling_imp:

Well… I have all the parts printed but it looks like it’s supposed to have a lower bracket to be able to adjust the angle of the two tool heads. Do we reuse the “old” dually lower bracket?

Doh, you wanted all the metal parts. Sorry bout that.

All printed parts here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/javelin/production_parts/printed_parts/

Metal Lower bracket and Extruder Mount plate here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/javelin/test_parts/

When you guys get the bed fingers made, please order a bunch of extra ones so you can sell them to people with existing printers.

Oh so the lower bracket is going to be metal and not printed then?

I drew out the bed fingers in SolidWorks. I have a mini mill + cnc conversion on order. Time to learn how to machine parts :slight_smile:


Oops. SW can import step files

I have access to a mill and wouldn’t mind making these fingers if people would like them. Only thing is I would most likely make them out of 6062 aluminum

If you decide to make some let me know how much you want for a set, I would be interested!

I’d like a set of these too. I’m also trying to find a shop who will do the other aluminum parts cheap for me too. I had a CNC mill at my last job, but now I just have access to a standard 3 axis manual mill, which doesn’t do the job. If I can find enough people who are interested, I could get 10 or so sets waterjet and then finish them on the manual mill, which would bring down the cost considerably.

I have a CNC router. I’ll look into making the tabs. As fas a hexagon dualie, I looked into it, the FW would need reworked. That stopped my progress.


I hadn’t seen that post, but I did just notice that it’s from August 7. As of August 28 there is firmware in the Javelin devel directory.


I would be interested in a set depending on cost. Also what parts exactly are you talking about because if they are relatively simple I can go into work on the weekend and make the parts myself.

Here’s the most complicated one. I’ve only gotten one quote back and only for this part since I figured it would be a good gauge for overall cost. $120 for 1, $30 each for 10. A little more than I’d hoped.

Then you need 4 of these.

And one or two of these, I don’t remember.

These are all things I am capable of making myself. If we want to get a group together and I can collect money upfront from some people (for materials and a little for my time plus shipping) I would be willing to spend a weekend working on these 3 parts.

I’m working on determining total build cost without Lulzbot’s big quantity breaks, so I want to see what the numbers are before committing, but I’m certainly interested. If anybody has already worked out the cost to build one, I’d be very interested in seeing it.

I’m currently at $265, and I estimate that it will climb to $350-400