ArrrrGGG! I can't get a break!

Man, I was wanting the Flexi-Dulie head. Out of stock. So after a phone conversation I find I am probably better off with the Dual head to start with. So…now ITS OUT OF STOCK now :frowning: Man. When will the dual head be back in stock?

Sigh. I would like to give yall some more money. Really I would.

You could always print your own. I think there was one on ebay also

They are probably busy fulfilling TAZ 5 and Mini orders, I would just wait it out. Who knows they could even be developing a Dualie for the new Hexagon hotend

We’ve been selling a lot of the dual extruders and the Flexystruders. We also went through a lot of the new hot end giving them to recent TAZ 4 buyers. We are making more :slight_smile: You can watch the details in these LibreOffice spreadsheet documents. Sorting by date order is easiest way to see what is going on, updated weekly:;O=D

There are all metal dualies and such under very early development. Don’t hold your breath, it has a ways to go. Files are here, if you want to make your own prototypes:



That javelin jpg looks really interesting with the unified nozzle… Guess you’d have to set up the slicing to clear the nozzle before alternating filaments.

Just wanted to chime in - I’m using a custom built ‘all metal’ dually right now. I’ve got one extruder using an E3D Volcano, and the other using a regular E3Dv6. I don’t know how different the Hexagon extruder is, but one of my extruders is using the Fangtooth model (I believe that’s the same extruder body used for the hexagon) and it works quite nicely. My toher extruder is a regular old buda-style Wade’s extruder with an E3D adapter plate.

The biggest things for the dually are: the short NEMA motors, and shortened hobbed bolts. The bolt that came with my TAZ was fine, but I had to dremel down the other hobbed bolt I bought to make it all fit nicely.

It would be nice if there were an easy-to-buy components kit for the extruders, though. It’s tough to source all the parts in small quantities, especially for the cable assemblies.

I agreed, just ordered everything to build a flexi, PIA to source everything…still need to get the heatsets too.

I did find this the other day, though:

Thats my issue. The cable assembly. Yea, I could print the parts. I think Lulz sells the motors. Heck, they even have assembled extruders in the store. And the hot ends are sourcable. Its the cable assy thats hard to come by in a one off situation. It would be nice to see that in the Lulz store .

Thats why I was trying to just buy the first dual head (which comes with the cable assy). From there I could convert it to a flexi head at some point.

And yea, that javelin mixer head looks intriguing. And I call it a mixer head as I suspect thats what will happen. Mixed filament colors, at least for a short amount of extrusion. Having a separate hot end for each filament ensures that no mixing happens.

However, that head has some interesting possibilities if it was done right. Increase it to 3 and, well, you got full color printing :slight_smile: Red, Yellow and Blue. Control the three filament extruder drives so they drive 0-100% from each color and you actually mix colors and extrude a specific color of plastic out the hot end. Drive Red at 50% and Yellow at 50% and you get orange. Drive Yellow at 20% and Blue at 80% and you get a nice Turquoise color. If that could be controlled via Gcode, then you got a rockin print head. Now, add a fourth (black) and a fifth (white) and well, hell that would be just the bomb for color matched printing. It would be a hell of a beast for weight though. Lots of mechanical issues at that point. Three, well thats within reason though.

Well, I found the flexi-dualie in stock (supposedly) at a web store. Emailed to see if its really available. If so, I can get that and reverse the process I suppose. Convert the flexi dualie into a dual. The opposite of my initial plans. But, hey, comes out to be the same price (dualie and flexi-dualie same price head). And it gets me all the core components. I think. Am I missing something here or is this a workable path to end up with a dual head (2x ABS capable)?