V2 Dually Release date?

Any news on a date when a v2 Dually will be available?


My guess would be after the Taz 6 is out since the 6 will have the 12mm rods on X that will probably be required for the weight of the metal plates. But thats just a guess.

12mm makes a lot of sense. Maybe my best bet is to go with your x rails and make my own dually.


TA DA! It is in the store! :smiley:

does cura support dual fan control now?

Have they added fans to the extruders?

Do you need to add pins in the taz 4 housing connections?

The last dual hotend was a mess. WAY to heavy and almost impossible to configure and maintain. (once setting the second extruder height it NEVER stayed put.) No fans and temperature issues. For $500 you could have something much better. https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/first-dual-extrusion-print-from-a-cyclops-hot-end-and-bondtech-qr-extruders/2588/1