Taz 4 Dual Extruder?

I have a Taz 1 and love it. I have an opportunity to buy a second 3d printer and really want something with a dual extruder. Will this be offered as an upgrade to Taz 4 or should I wait for Taz 5?

We are preparing to release a TAZ dual extruder upgrade kit! It’s still in the testing phase- there’s a couple in the wild already. If you’d like to make your own or would like to see our progress, we have the information here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/dual_extruder/ We have instructions available at ohai-kit.alephobjects.com for both installation and calibration.

We also have a thread in our development section: https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/dual-extrusion-at-aohq/321/1

Awesome, thanks! So I will be able to buy this kit and upgrade the taz 4?

I noticed a link to buy on Amazon with free shipping for prime members but there weren’t any in stock. Will this change soon?


We have pallets going to Amazon, and our warehouses in the UK, Canada & the US. They should be there soon.

Great! Any idea of time frame on the dual extruder kit and when Amazon will have the Taz 4 in stock?

I’m happy to be a beta tester for the dual extruder kit as well :slight_smile:

We don’t have a dualy timeframe just yet, I would check next week for the Amazon inventory for the TAZ 4.

Any updates on the status of the Taz 4 dual extruder?

No specific dates yet, other than:

How important is it that we use the Half Height Motors (42BYGH001-D) ?

I tried to buy some from Kysan (minimum order of $100) and they only have 1 in stock (in China).


For the Official dual extruder design, very important. Standard length motors won’t fit. Here are some pictures of the Lulzbot Dual extruder. I’m not 100% certain this is identical to the final production model, and I’m not sure I’m at liberty to disclose it’s source, but lets just leave it at “I didn’t print this one”. You can see that the half height motors clear the second extruder, and the full length motor sitting on top won’t. I’ve been playing around with one of the extruders just in single configuration to see how well it holds up, and the motor has plenty of torque and horsepower. As soon as i finish the Taz 4 end upgrade and get the lighting subsystem mounted I’ll have this guy on the machine and turning out some neat things. I ordered the wrong bearings for my 4 ends though, so thats been a bit on hold. I’m getting caught up though finally. Anyways, heres some pictures of it.

I was just getting ready to print those parts.

Guess I better not?


I was able to use the normal NEMA 17 stepper motors, sourced from LulzBot.com on my dual extruder. It works, but it is rather tight. It takes a bit of wiggling and moving things into place. Given an option, I’d go for the half-height stepper motors just to make things easier in the future to swap out the extruders on the dually extruder mount.

There’s a possibility that the spare motor I have is taller than normal too. I didn’t check it against anything.

Can anybody link to 42mm stepper motors that will work with the dual extruder? The 42mm ones from Kysan are back ordered for 4-5 weeks.


I am having trouble finding this kit on Amazon. Is it still for sale there? Or somewhere else?

@joeyswit I think based on this comment after your quote, they were talking about having pallets of Taz 4s on the way to Amazon not dual extruders. I could be mistaken.

We don’t have the dual extruder heading to Amazon, just printers for now.

I’ve purchased and am using these from Ebay. They seem to be working just fine!!


Is there a new Fan Shroud designed or being designed that fits the new hole spacing?

Also, I printed out version 0.91 of the Flex Plate, thinking it was the latest and greatest, but it doesn’t have the auxiliary mounting holes for a Fan.

A bit confused.


Bump on the above question. Was wondering if there was a dual extruder fan mount in the works.