Weird ABS Extrusion (Newbie Question)

Hey all. I’m a cosplayer playing around with 3D printing for the first time! Anyway, I encounted my first weird thing.

Printer: Lulzbot Mini
Filament: Gray ABS
Settings are the default Cura profiles provided on the Lulzbot site - no deviations.

I was attempting to print and, when I extrude, now the filament appears “chipped” instead of smooth like usual. I tried this tutorial ( three times but it seem the same. Below, I included a picture showing the problem and a picture showing the problem next to the nice smooth extruded filament from before.

Any hints?

The lighter filament colors, gray and white in particular fir some reason are usually “off” on temperature a few degrees. I suspect its due to the use of titanium dioxide as a pigment, which alters the heat profiles. And it seems to be random which direction the shift goes. Try raising or lowering the temperature in 5 degree increments anspd see if it improves. Also, the source of your abs is critical. Cheap filament, particukarily from china often contains melamine powder filliament that basically makes it useless.

Its almost never actually a clog.

Not sure but take a look at an experience I had recently. ABS was printing with a weird texture (though not as bad as yours) so I pulled out my 50X microscope camera and noticed the extrusion was heavily pitted. It turns out the ABS had absorbed enough moisture from the air to be a problem. The photos below show the before and after drying extrusions. Mind you these are not the 3mm filament you see but .35mm extrusions.