ABS Suddenly printing badly.

Hi All,

Not sure what is going on here. This is ABS on my Taz 4. It was printing really nicely in black ABS then I changed to blue ABS and quality went to rubbish. Any ideas what is going on?

You are overextruding badly. The blue filament is either larger in diameter than the black and you need to adjust the filament diameter size, it is formulated weird and needs a different temperature, or it’s crap fillament.
After adjusting the filament diameter setting, print calibration cubes until they are dimensionally accurate.
Also try adjusting the idler arm tension tighter.

Thank’s so much for that advice. I measured the filament and it averaged 2.87mm. I had the print settings on 2.87mm, so I changed it to 3 to reduce the amount of filament.

See photo for the result - much better, but am I still over extruding?

You are a bit under now, try 2.95mm or maybe 2.93