Weird Cura multiplying bug!

So i’m encountering a strange error in cura today. Not a huge deal, but certainly something buggy is going on. Currently using Cura 21.02 on Ubuntu Linux 16.10 Yakkety Yak with the Taz bed size selected. Will continue to test if this bug occurs on mini bed size and if it occurs on Windows as well.

Anyway, the issue i’m having is When i go to multiply an object but the bed is nearly full. When i go to multiply an object that will fit in the last remaining space Cura seems to want to multiply extra items that wont fit (more than i requested to be multiplied). I encountered this bug today when populating a bed to print myself some Esperanto Scrabble Tiles i designed. It is easy to reproduce and i will provide a sample Scrabble Tile for you guys to test (please anyone test if you can).

So to reproduce: 1.Open Cura with Taz 5 build size selected (other sizes may also have the bug but the number of tiles will change). 2.Open the A.stl file. 3.Right click on model and click Multiply Object. 4.Select 23 copies to make. 5.You can clearly see there are 24 Scrabble tiles on the build plate with one area left. 6.Multiply one more tile to fill this last space. 7. This is where the bug occurs. Instead of only multiplying it once it actually tries to add another tile which will not easily fit in the build space. Though more will fit if you tell it to try and reset object positions. In this case it only multiplies ONE extra piece, but if you continue to squeeze more tiles onto the build plate the more and more full it gets eventually the multiplying error also multiplies. I have seen it want to make up to SEVEN or EIGHT extra tiles that i did not ask for when multiplying the tiles.
A.stl (19.4 KB)

Yes I checked and it does have an issue. I took the model and duplicated it 24 times and then there were 26 objects on the bed and not the 25 it should have been. :open_mouth:

This was on the Windows copy I have of Cura-21.02.

Thanks Keith! At least we know it’s reproducible and not only on one operating system.