What Filament does the TAZ 6 Come with?

My TAZ 6 printer is currently on the way, but I’m not sure how I configure cura for the type of filament im using as I dont know which filiament it comes with

It doesn’t come with anything but a short length of PETG sample fillament. You’ll want to order some 3.00mm fillament, either PLA or ABS to start as well. Your taz can work with a 3.2lb or a 5 or 6lb roll. You’ll see many fillaments listed as 2.85mm, they are essentially the same for your purposes. Once you have your fillament you’ll need to measure its exact diameter and plug that into Cura anyways.

Many people start with PLA, I started with ABS. PLA smells nicer but melts at a lower temperature and can be brittle, ABS stinks when printing, but is generally more usefull.