TAZ 6 - whats your "workhorse" filament?

Hi all,
We have just received our shiny new TAZ 6! I was wondering what filament you would recommend for day-to-day use? We have had a Makerbot Rep 2 (boo hiss right!?) in the lab for a few years, and we had the most consistent “print and forget” reliable results with PLA (particularly the darker colours) with the makerware defaults.

We fully intend to start messing with weird and wonderful filaments and pushing the new machine to its limits, but when you guys/gals aren’t doing that and just want something ~0.5 kg to just print ok, what filament do you use? I was thinking it might be 2.85 mm PLA from a reputable supplier, but seeing as the first print rocktopus was in nGEN I wasn’t so sure anymore.


When I want accuracy I have gotten to like Gizmo Dorks. It is 2.85 mm +/- .05 mm. But that was not your question!

I am printing things 5 foot long (in pieces of course) so when I am printing big and don’t expect great accuracy, I really like ExcelVan PLA from eBay. I can get it for as little as 6 dollars a KG but have never paid over $8- There are caveats

  1. You get two colors on a roll at 1/2 KG a piece. I have found the red-white prints really smooth and shiny. (blue and yellow Is not bad but the blue is very dull in color.
  2. I have never found a roll yet that was 2.85. It can vary as much +/- .15 and I usually end up averaging it in Cura about 2.93 to 2.95.

Did I mention $6-8 a roll! :slight_smile:

In fact, you can see parts in all four colors I have tried here (scroll down a bit)

The more I think about it the more I am sick and tired of buying filament! I am tired of being a slave to big-Fila!

From now on I am just going to print my filament!

That’ll teach them!

My daily filament is ABS from Lulzbot. I occasionally use PLA as well but ABS is what I use most.

That being said, you need a heated build chamber to get it to print reliably without warping.

I make useful things and parts for my business that I cannot buy. I rarely print shelf stuffers (things to look at) but if that is what you want to print then PLA is probably going to serve you better.

Thanks for the info! I should have mentioned that we are in the UK and (mostly) limited to UK suppliers if we buy stuff through “proper” channels at work.

@robajohn Thanks for the info, I have always been a bit cautious about the no brand ebay stuff, but I can see from your build in the link that you can get decent prints with it! I might try some of that stuff out, particularly the different colours!

@tmorris9 That sounds more like our day to day use too. We print things for experiments and things around the lab which we can’t buy or are ridiculously expensive. We used PLA for this on the Rep2, but the strength of ABS would be beneficial. Is there a consensus on what enclosure we should use, like on github or something?

My go to filament is e-sun PETG. It prints great quality and PETG doesn’t shrink or warp like ABS can. It’s also stronger than ABS/PLA.

The downside is that it doesn’t come in as many colors and can be harder to find/source. I might consider it a little harder to print with than ABS, but once you get the printer dialed it’s fine.