What filament type can the taz 6 take?

I’m still kinda new to 3d printing, I’m used to printing in pla and abs. But I was wondering what other materials can the taz 6 print with modification or just out of the box?

you can print with almost anything… try checking out the guides many sites produce that tell you settings and difficulties.

only real problems are adhesion and warping… but you need harder nozzles etc to print with “filled” filaments eg glass filled or carbon filled.

I’d add to @malcolmthemole and say you can look at the material selection in CURA, and any material on there can safely be done regardless of brand. Some higher temp filaments and filaments prone to warpage work best with an enclosure.

Only buy from reputable dealers and buy main brands rather than similar products from unknown suppliers… the market is much better these days but there is still some rubbish from unknown brands/ suppliers.

If you want to try different things e.g “silk” filament or “bronze” fill… hunt around for suppliers that supply samples… they will cost something but it’s much cheaper than $30reels that turn out not to be suitable for your needs.