What is a fair price for a usedTAZ5 with dual extruders?

I’m looking at buying a used TAZ5. What is a fair price for a used TAZ5 with dual extruders?

I have purchased both a taz 5 with duel extruder and a taz 6 single, both for less than $600, both in fantastic condition with less than 500 print hours.

Where did you find that? I found a taz 2.1 for 400 and was jumping up for joy. Guess I got fooled.

This sounds like an incredibly rare find… 2 taz units for 600$ seems almost unbelievable! I bought my Taz6 in 2018 for 2,500 with low hours on it and 2 print heads, the stock one and a flexydually.
Maybe things have come down now since all the super cheapo printers came out but… THAT much cheaper sounds a bit abnormal!?

I found a Taz 5 with two standard print heads and a dual flexi print head with 14 rolls of various types of filament for $700. Only used around 6 times! I think that was a good deal:)

I just paid 1250 for my Taz 6 with dual v3