Supplier for connector for making your own toolheads

I’m looking to make my own tool heads and need the connectors. So far, I’ve got the Molex part numbers:

Housing - 22-55-2161
Female Terminal - 16-02-0102 (Loose) or 16-02-0086 (Reel)
Male Terminal - 16-02-0114 (Loose) or 16-02-0107 (Reel)

The issue is that that the only local stockist of this stuff sells the terminals in reels of 100 only and that digikey and mouser have ridiculous shipping to my country (South Africa) ($50+ on a $15 order). Any ideas of cheaper suppliers? I can’t find the housings or males on eBay.

Have you tried RS Components?

Yep, they’re one of the bunch with pretty expensive shipping and who also only sell the pins by the reel has the connectors, pins, and receptacles, as well as wires with the pins/receptacles already on them.

They also ship internationally, and sell by the piece.