Having Problems Printing Overhangs! Please Help!

Hey Forum! I’m having problems printing overhangs with the TAZ 3. I am very satisfied with the details of the print but it messes up when trying to print overhangs. The overhangs are designed to be printed without support and have an angle inferior to 45. Any advice on how I can fix this? Is it a bed leveling issue? or a slicer issue? it seems that it is overextruding the overhang perimeters, causing the print to curl up at this point and thus displacing the next layer.

Hello Ginrum,
Can you post your Slic3r config file to the group? FILE -> Export Config
I haven’t been at this very long, I only recently starting working with my TAZ 4, but from what I have read it looks like a speed problem. I’ve printed with more severe overhangs than that so a slic3r speed setting would be my first guess.
Others on this forum are waaaaaaaaaaaay more knowledgeable than I am so I hope they chime in as well.
Best of luck. Please let us know what works when you get it figured out.

You’ll need to adjust the bridging speed either faster or slower to start. Pick one and see, with a smaller overhang test print. You’ll also want to start with the provided Slic3r configurations here: https://lulzbot.com/configs