When will parts be available?

I’m looking for a .5 and a .75 nozzle for a Buda 2.0, but see they are out of stock. When can I expect them to be in?

I probably should know this but which extruder comes on the kittaz? buda 2.0?


So, like my original post asks, when are parts going to be available?

We’re hoping to have them back in stock in the next couple of weeks, we’re putting in replacement orders for several different items. I don’t have any concrete dates however…

Thank Orias

Funny story, that first .5 mm nozzle I ordered way back in September of last year that the post office lost finally showed up the other day (5 months after you sent me a replacement order heh) Apperently the post office finally found the first one. So I actually have a 2.0 nozzle to send back to you guys if you want.

Now you have a backup. :smiley: