Where Are The Assembly Jig stl's?

I’m looking for the Assembly Jig stl’s for the TAZ 4/5/6:



Anyone have any idea where to find them?

Many of them exist in various locations under develop.lulzbot.com. some of them are in here.


They did a good job of hiding the Y Assembly Jig. If anyone can point me to it I’d appreciate it.

It may be in here. devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/3.1/jigs_fixtures
The taz 5 y bed is almost identical to the 3 bed, the only difference is the motor mount plate and motor mount are slightly different and the main to y frame connector is updated. The jigs would be the same though.

I think you should try here:


Thanks, that’s it. Looks like they made 17 versions before settling on v0.9.8.