Where can I get bed harness cables for Mini V1?

Hello fellow Lulzbots,

On my Lulzbot Mini v1, I started to get the “MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed - Printer halted. kill() called!” error and figured that I need to replace the Bed Harness cables:

I can’t seem to find this part anywhere. Anybody have any ideas?

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You can always make them yourself! :slight_smile:

See step 2 at https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/mini-104-cables/mini-v104/.

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Thanks defuzz!

I was only looking in the v103 section, so I never saw this! I assume these cable instructions would work for v103 too.

Initially, I tried printing today and got a probing failure. Then I took off the RAMBO cover and noticed the extruder mosfet output plug could be pushed in a tad. After this, it is printing about 44 minutes without issues and still going as I type. The temp of the bed does seem to drop sharply about 20 degrees and come back to 60 degrees. It happened twice after about 5 minutes into the print, and I just saw it again at 45 minutes into the print. I wonder if these dips point to a bad bed or bad thermistor wire? Or is it no problem at all?

Here is a picture of the drops:

lulzbot mini bed temp drops

1.04 may have changed some things. Here’s the source for the 1.03 bed harness:


  • assembly instructions on page 2


  • also has a doc with the parts to order

I don’t think the bed could drop in temperature that quickly, so it’s probably an issue with the sensing.

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The bed harness between the 1.03 and 1.04 are very different.

You can see here in my project Mini, how I updated mine.

Change it to the 1.04 if you can.

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Thanks defuzz! I was going to ask what materials to use, and I think these links have all the answers!

Thanks Iggy. Wow! What a great thread you made. I need to print out a new front idler too. It has a visible crack around the bolt…still seems to work though.

Today, I took apart the printer to take a look at the bed harness cables.As I was disconnecting the yellow thermistor connector cable, it fell apart in my fingers. One of the yellow cables going into the black molex connector fell out. It looks like I need to strip the wire and crimp it? However, that would make one of the two wires shorter…do you think it would still work? I would hate to buy a big spool of this wire and like a pack of those molex connectors and just use a little of it… Any ideas?

It might still work. Mine has quite a bit of slack. You can probably get wire and crimp pins for under $10 on eBay.

Hey there. I’m having the same problem and have found the harness here: Lulzbot Bed Harness Cables, Mini 1.00 - 1.03 - elite3dprinters

Adding this link to this thread in case others are also still searching. At this point, I’m looking to upgrade to something with a larger print volume, but want to keep using my Mini in the meantime…