Mini print bed harness clip

After changing the bed on the Lulzbot Mini, putting a zip tie back around the bed harness can prove to be somewhat challenging. I created a printable bed harness clip in order to make life a little easier when changing out beds. Below are pictures of what i did to install this on the Lulzbot Mini, and attached is the .stl i used to print from. the model is available through CC BY SA

mini_bed_clip-03.stl (23.7 KB)

Great! Thank you so much!


Printing mine now. Much appreciated.

Replaced my bed today - using one of these clips. Made the job a lot easier!

Thank you Bender!

Thank you for removing one of the more annoying parts of using a Mini! I’m very grateful!

Just another thanks for this, it worked great on my Mini!

Bender, great design. I printed one over the weekend and it works perfectly.

Thanks again

Going to be replacing my Mini bed shortly. Looks like a nice little clip. I’ll give it a try. ABS @ 100% infill%


Installed the clip while doing this upgrade on the Y-axis. It’s great!

Agreed. Just used it today. Nice little mod. Thanks!