torn PET sheet repair

Is there a way to repair a small nick on the PET sheet?

Are you talking about the Kapton Tape covering of the heated bed glass? if thats the case, they have new sheets for sale in the lulzbot store, or you can use the old school roll of kapton tape method and apply a new layer. If you aren’t talking about the kapton tape then I have no idea what you are referring to.

Lulzbot doesn’t use Kapton, but polyester tape (PET).

Some small nicks and gouges probably won’t cause any problems. I have a few on my TAZ, and they do not seem to cause any issues with my prints.

you probably could repair it like you do carpeting. cut out the area with the scratch, and make a small patch out of new material.

good to know! thanks :mrgreen:

I find that when printing with ABS and when using the ABS & acetone solution (LulzJuice) any small nicks in the PET sheet are covered. You’ll soon get comfortable with removing parts and will rarely damage the surface after a little bit.

I tore up the center of my PET tape pretty good (was trying out Cura when the extruder went to Z 0 then went to a negative Z value and started moving… :frowning: ). I had a roll of PET tape, so I tried cutting a long strip of the PET tape out all the way across the bed. I replaced that cutout area with two strips of PET tape from the tape roll, applied ABS glue again, and it’s as good as new. Visually, it doesn’t look as nice as a fresh 12x12 sheet of PET tape, but functionally, it works just fine and was a lot less painless than I expected.

  • Adam