Which 3D pen for fine lines?

I’m thinking of picking up a 3D pen to weld and detail my Mini prints, but have never used one. Can anyone recommend a make and model?

I’d prefer a pen capable of extruding a very fine line of filament, so one with a small diameter nozzle and adjustable flow rate would probably be best, but maybe there are other factors I’m not considering?

I use the 3Doodler Create+ (https://the3doodler.com/collections/create-pens) with my Mini2, mostly because I can use exactly the same filament (2.85mm) as what I am using for the 3D print itself. I use it for modifications to prints, and, as you say, welding where needed. Speeds are limited to 2 - “fast” and “slow” but they seem to work fine. The PLA setting on the 3Doodler works fine for my favorite Mini2 filament, ColorFabb’s nGen (see note at bottom for making filament sticks).

I believe the default nozzle is about 1mm, but I also have an accessory nozzle kit (https://the3doodler.com/collections/create-accessories/products/nozzle-set), which has several nozzles down to 0.5mm (round). Different nozzle shapes are also included, and a smoother tip allows adjustments to the surface.

Note that because the pen’s feeder rotates the filament, the filament strand must be pretty straight, like the supplied filament sticks. However, I make my own sticks from whatever Mini filament I am using. I cut a strand of (curved) filament from the roll, then insert it into a straight aluminum tube with an inside diameter close to the filament’s OD (aluminum tubes available at hobby supply stores). Then I heat the tube/filament gently on all sides for a minute or so with a heat gun, medium heat. I then let it cool completely before removing the now straight filament stick. Easy and effective!

Hope this helps.

I use a 3Doodler Create+ to add texture and detail on prints made by my TAZ 5. While their PLA is very very expensive, I find that I can take the 3mm TAZ PLA and warm it gently in a food dehydrator to straighten it out. Then it works fine in the 3Doodler.

Cool, thanks for the tips, Rocky & twobraids! I’m definitely looking at 3Doodler, as well as a Mynt3D , which gets good reviews and can use any filament. I think it uses a .6 nozzle, but it also has speed and temperature control to allow a finer thread.

We also use the 3Doodler pen (2 of the new versions and 1 of the older versions). You can check out a quick summary of our use here: https://www.makerspaceusna.com/copy-of-mobile-3d-printing-carts (sorry, I see an error in my webpage name but that link is correct).

Bottom line, they work pretty good.

Great video, thanks. Looks like a very well kitted-out makerspace, too.

i use 5 types of 3D pen but i think MYNT 3D pen is better
check out my 3D pen design on youtube.

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