Will Lulzbot cura follow up on Ultimaker v5.5

With the new Ultimaker cura speeds are doubled
A note to employees please seriously consider this I will provide links for everyone looking at this https://ultimaker.com/learn/ultimaker-cura-5-5-beta-release-notes/

Well, 5.4 has a vast amount of bugs.
Also, the claims of high speed printing comes with many “yes, but…” sort of things.

Yes, you can print fast but you typical sacrifice something to do this. Most notably, strength.

So, there is a fine balance and if you monitor the 5.5 Beta Thread on Ultimaker’s website, you can see a lot of issues remain to be addressed.

That said, while marketing departments love to make great claims, be sure to read the fine print.

Dispite efforts made by the LulzBot team, the Ultimaker team doesn’t appear to want to cooperate and incorporate the changes that would allow CuraLE and Ultimaker Cura to become one.

It then comes down to the resources available (i.e. more software engineers and funds) which apparently isn’t on the Fargo Additive Manufacturing Equipment 3D, LLC priority list.

We all love that they at least made an effort with Cura 4, but let’s not forget that the main core differences between it and mainline Cura (USB control, well-configured profiles with proper wipe/probe temps for their relatively few machines) have been absent or of quality that’s barely worth of a “beta” release.

What has worked is that it’s a better version of Cura that’s in the correct colors, and their own printers are easy to find in the list of printers.

Their engineering team is clearly understaffed, but there’s no job listing for anybody to help with those tasks. Just $12-14 assembly grunts. I’m not 100% sure on how recently that page has been updated, but nothing comes up in casual job posting searches either.

Speed should matter if you could kindly give me the benefit of a doubt let’s say I wanted to make a drink coaster that takes one half hour to 3D Print imagine if I could do it in 3Dprinting it would be more attractive to customers