Wipe Nozzle Failed

Everytime I try to print, It cleans the head goes to the bottom right, goes back to clean the head, then stops. It gives me the message “Wipe Nozzle fail” etc. Anyone know what to do?

There are a few main reasons your printer might be failing with a clean nozzle error. The first is that you have something stuck on the end of your nozzle that the standard wipe procedure isn’t capable of clearing off. You can make sure your nozzle is good and clean by heating your nozzle up to extrusion temperature and scrubbing the nozzle with a scotch brite pad, it doesn’t hurt to scrub your washers as well while you are at it. Along this same logic thread I would check and make sure that you don’t need to swap our your wiper pad. If all of that checks out then it could be that your nozzle isn’t actually making contact with the washer. Get down at eye level during the auto level process and make sure the nozzle is actually touching the washer. If that looks okay then electrical contact is not being made for another reason. This is most likely a loose wire, so let’s have you check the two that make the electrical connection. First, be sure your printer is turned off and your hotend is cool. On the left hand side of your hotend, you will notice a wire that is screwed into the metal block (photo attached). Please ensure this is tight using a 2mm hex wrench. The ground wire will be located on the underside of your aluminum build plate towards the front, just in front of the end of the Y axis cabling chain. (Photo attached). The last component we will want to ensure is nice and tight is the bed corners themselves. If these have come loose, it will prevent electrical contact the same as a dirty nozzle. Make sure all 4 are nice and snug using your 2mm wrench.

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What do I do if the nozzle does not make contact?

That usually indicates that your x-axis isn’t sitting level. Give this a shot https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/leveling-x-axis/maintenance-repairs/

Get ready to do this for the rest of your life…I finally printed up some tools to make it easier. Every few weeks when the z-axis of my Taz 6 sounds like a boat groaning in the harbor, I pull them out and run the aforementioned procedure for the nth time.

If you keep experiencing an issue with binding there are a few things you can try. The first thing I would try is a more thorough reseating of your x-axis on your threaded rods. (Steps 1 and 2 are for getting the x-axis level so if yours is already level you won’t need to worry about those steps)

  1. First please raise your tool head off of the bed. If it already off of the bed, go to the next step. If the Z motors are bound up and will not allow you to move the Z axis up, then please turn off the printer and manually turn the silver couplers (that attach the Z axis motors to the threaded rods), until the head is high enough off of the heat bed to do a measurement.

  2. Then measure from the top metal frame to the top of the X carriage guide rails. If either side you measure is higher than the other disable your stepper motors from the LCD display, or through the “motors off” in Cura. Then adjust the side that is higher to be equal to the other side. You can do this by turning the silver couplers that attach the motors to the threaded rods, you’ll find them inside the green housings at the bottom of each threaded rod.

  3. There is also 2 screws on the Z carriage idler and the Z carriage motor, that will need adjustment. Please follow the guide rails that the tool head is mounted on, to the assemblies that holds them in place. You will find 2 4mm Allen head screws that hold the assemblies to the threaded rods. Please loosen these 2 Allen head screws on the left and the right.

  4. After this you will need to auto home the printer.

  5. Then move the Z axis to close to the top of the printer using CURA (245mm from home) or using the LCD display (Movement > Move Axis > Move 1mm > Move Z). Then auto home the printer again. Please do this two times bottom to top and back. Then please move the Z axis to the middle of the printer. Once you have the X carriage in the middle of the printer, re-tighten the 4 Allen head screws connected to the Z nut mounts on each side.

Please do not over tighten the Allen head screws as over tightening these can lead to the printer rebinding over time.

Another thing you can check is that both of your z-axis motor connectors are fully plugged in. To do this just unplug and power off your machine then unplug and reseat the connectors for both of your z-axis motors making sure they are both snugly plugged in. If the motor on one side is getting more power than the other it will cause your x-axis to go out of level over time.

There are a few other things that can cuase the x-axis to go out of level, they are less common and usually due to the printer having gotten banged around more than normal during shipping. If after these steps you still have to relevel your printer reach out to support at:
Email: support@lulzbot.com
Phone: +1-970-377-1111 Ext. 610

Oh I know the procedure. That’s the basically the pdf I was given when I complained initially.

The tools I printed help me with step 2. After the procedure, the printer works ‘fine’, doesn’t fail to wipe, gives better leveling numbers, until over time it doesn’t and makes a bunch of noise traveling in z (usually in the morning on my first print when it’s cold). Then it’s time to do this all over again.

I’m no ME, but I’d suggest if your carriage system must be absolutely square, then maybe don’t build it out of 12 different 80/20 segments held together by bolts and prayer.