Eternal nozzle cleansing loop

So I have a strange loop happening in the printer.

I do all necessary steps, and just before printing the machine cleans the nozzle, checks each corner of the table and for some reason doesn’t print but goes back to the nozzle cleansing again. It repeats the same loop over an over. I have a message saying “wipe nozzle”, but we have checked repeatedly and it seems okay

Any ideas…


I have some tips for you for solving your problems.

In order to complete the bed leveling process the nozzle has to make a 5V connection with the washers. Otherwise, the process will fail.

If the process fails on the left washer before rewiping, this usually indicates that the nozzle is dirty. The filament is acting like an insulator and inhibiting the connection.
This problem is easily solved by preheating the nozzle up to your filament’s operating temperature and giving it a good scrubbing with a green Scotch Brite pad.
Never use anything metallic to clean your nozzle; you could damage the mother board.
You can also replace the wiper pad. The pad is designed to be used on both sides, so you you can just flip it over.

If the bed leveling process is failing on one of the right washers this indicates that the nozzle is not quite touching the washer. In this case you can turn the right coupler counter clockwise until the nozzle touches the washer and the bed leveling completes. You will want to make small adjustments because one revolution equals 1 mm. You can try the adjustments using 1/4 to 1/2 turn increments until the bed leveling process completes.

Be sure to watch the print and if the nozzle looks like it is going into the bed shut the machine off immediately.