wiper hand tool... free stl file

here’s one I made as a test trying to see what kind of speed this has… standard print then cranked up the speed from 100 to 150 on the printer I don’t know what that is in mm per sec anyone know? (I’d really like to crank it up I’ll have to check the specs)… also turned up the heat a little and the flow to about 125…a little rough on the top but oh well for now …good little tool to clean off the tip… gets that little ‘drip’
wiper tool.stl (9.7 MB)

I put a piece of ‘emery’ cloth on the backside …after I get my good wipe and little ‘drip’ cleaned off I’ll give the tip a swipe or two with the emery cloth side before it does the self leveling…I always wipe the tip with the wiper after each print!..I have the my ‘wiper’ tool velcor to the printer