3D Printable TAZ Modifications

We put together a quick guide on four 3D printable modifications that you can make to your LulzBot TAZ! Filament clips are my favorite and arguably the most useful because we all have spare reels sitting around our workstations :wink: :

Check out the full list here on the LulzBot blog: https://www.lulzbot.com/blog/four-3d-printable-modifications-your-lulzbot-taz

Try these out and let us know what you think. Do you have 3D printable modifications of your own? Share them here!

P.S. These are good entry-level modifications, for more advanced projects see piercet’s comprehensive list here https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/comprehensive-list-of-taz-modifications/1971/1

You might want to add the idle tension jig. It is a spacer you place when setting the tension, I saw someone share it here once before.

Hello nbmoretto,

Right you are, the extruder idler tensioner jig is a useful piece for anyone’s printer! And a very quick print to boot. Find that STL model here:



I think you mean:


you are correct!