Workhorse stops extruding mid print

First time asker here… I got a used workhorse after having a mini 2 for my first printer. It arrived all sorts of banged up from ups. Its now working but it stops extruding ALOT. At least 2 different tool heads, maybe even 3( I forget if its happened with the sl toolhead). When I got it, the bolt that holds the filament guide and plastic tube was on the wrong side so I rigged it with tape where its supposed to go but it still seemed like an odd path to take to the extruder. Last week I had a thought that maybe the plastic tube was being pulled too far in the extruder and choking off the filament. I made an overhead spool holder and its been almost perfect since. The only problem is towards the end of the roll, it bends wierd and it stopped extruding again. Its been a few days and only that one problem so far. Has anyone had these issues?
Also, my mini 2 screen comes on but nothing shows up but a dark blue rectangle. No beeps when I press the wheel either. All connections look good. All I did was tip it a bit to blow out old plastic bits(very carefully)… Was working fine a few days before… any ideas? Thanks for reading!

On your Mini 2, check the ribbon cables that plug into the back of the LCD. Make sure they are plugged in all the way. If that doesn’t fix it maybe also open the electrical box and make sure the other ends are plugged ito the controller board all the way.

Another thing that causes the dark blue LCD and no beeps is if the cables are swapped at the back of the LCD or at the controller board. But that shouldn’t be your problem since all you did was tip it and blow out some plastic bits. But I thought I’d mention it in case other people see the dark blue screen and end up looking at this thread for the solution.

I checked both ends and both cables but all seems fine. I was very careful as I know those wires go right along the handle underneath the top frame. They definitely didn’t get switched tho! Thanks for the reply!