Would anyone please send me a link or possibly send me a sliced benchy cgode for testing

hi, my classroom has the new m1.75 v2 toolhead on the taZ6… im having some issues with several areas… in order to see if its the cura or the printer…
does anyone have a pre-sliced benchy for the taz6 1.75 v2 extrduer that i can load an print to see if my errors are possibly the printer, filament cura, or whatever… but a known good benchy gcode for my system would help troublesheet alot
thanks everyone

What firmware are you using in the TAZ 6? If it is the Universal, did you select the tool head from the LCD menu?

The following should work with the possible exception that the PID tuning is for my tool head.

3DBenchy-TAZ6-1.75V2.gcode (3.5 MB)

thanks, the taz 6 firmware was apparently upgraded this summer *(it the classroom taz6)… this is the screenshot, im glad i took this friday!

i didnt select the toolhead, i returned in sept, and it was upgraded, i assume the school tech followed the upg tutorials from the lulzbot site.
when i installed the new cura, i did select the correct printer w 1.75 v2 taz 6… i assumd that had all the settings and retractions, and offsets needed… etc…
(the school tech used his laptop to test the taz over summer, which is why i needed to install the new cura with this upg printers…)

and thank you, for the benchy ill test it out after checking the z-offset, and double checking the firmware ,etc…

That firmware version is the Universal so you must select the tool head from the LCD screen. The firmware default is the V2.1 Single Extruder. Many “undesirable” things will happen if you don’t select the correct tool head.

gotya, ill check the firmware monday at school. so the v2.1, the default isnt the same as mine, single extruder, 1.75 v2… or thats one step older… ill check it and the options monday , and ill then print the benchy you sent to test

The TAZ 6 shipped with a Single Extruder V2.1 tool head. This has a .5mm nozzle and uses 2.85mm filament. The M175 V2 is a newer tool head which has a .5mm nozzle and uses 1.75mm filament. Each tool head has its own set of parameters which are stored in the firmware. You can either install firmware specific for each tool head each time you switch them or use LulzBot’s Universal firmware which has an LCD menu item to select which tool head is installed. I believe the settings that are changed by the LCD menu selection are saved in the EEPROM so the selection should survive power cycles, etc.

In addition to the firmware in the printer, the slicer used to generate gcode for the printer needs to know which tool head so it can generate proper gcode for that tool head. The nozzle size and the start and end gcode are the biggest differences.

1.75mm filament is more widely available and is the default on a majority of 3D printers. It makes sense to have the ability to use it on the TAZ 6.

thanks again… so the firmware settings have priority over the slicer generated gcode…
or the firmware handles the major configs, and cura customizes like layer heights, retractions, support, skirts, speeds, etc…

the benchy printed beautifully, i selected the correct toolhead, on the led screen and then put your benchy on an sd card and it printed great. so i know the taz6 is ready, now i need to try to print from my cura, slice nd try it, ill send photos when i can upload them

The slicer generates instructions in the GCODE language. The firmware on the printer translates that language into movement instructions for the motors.

Basic example, simplified to a 2D print of just a line:
In a CAD program you make a .4mm wide line that is 1cm long and export it as an STL.
STL File: These are the points that make up the line.
GCODE File: These are the coordinates to move the print head, speed to move the print head, temperatures for the bed and print head, and the amount of filament to feed while going between the points. (plus, other startup and shutdown code, of course).
FIRMWARE translates GCODE to: Turn on voltage to heater; watch thermistor until desired temp is reached, then alternate heater on/off to keep at that temperature. Send motor 0 800 pulses over 2 seconds, motor 1 400 pulses over 2 seconds; wait until complete. Send motor 0 100 pulses over 8 seconds, motor 1 100 pulses over 8 seconds, and send motor 3 300 pulses over 8 seconds; wait until complete.


so the benchy printed great, i put your gcode file on the sd card and printed from it… i did notice the bottom ofthe benchy printed messy, like screwed up initial layers…

but when i print a simple block from my cura le connected pc workstation, i got this…

and the m851 says this:

The bottom of a 3D Benchy can be messy because it has lettering in the first layer.

The simple block and the M851 output suggests that the Z-offset is too high. Try making it more negative.Try changing yours from -0.28 to -0.38, -0.48, etc. until you get a good first layer with your simple block.

With the stock print bed on my TAZ 6, my Z-offset was around -1.2. I now have LulzBot’s TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex Bed V2 and my Z-offset is now 0.3.

The Z-offset compensates for the distance between the top of the corner washers and the surface of the bed. You can get a rough starting value by measuring this difference with a decent set of calipers. Error on the high side and work your way down as starting on the low side means the nozzle is scrapping on the bed probably damaging the surface.

thanks, yes, im trying -.9 and its lookiing much better…
and doing the in-print offset z changes adjustments too, and its
getting there…

Quoting b-morgan via Lulzbot notifications@lulzbot.discoursemail.com:

Thanks, I am trying -0.9 currently, it was way too high as you said… im printing a nice calibration cube now, first layer was a little too close initially, ive learned now to adjust the z offset during a print from the led screen, and now working on fine tuning to get a great first layer (even a nice benchy bottom), ill send you the pics later.

Thank you so much for your help and time!