Would This LCD Screen Work with the Lulzbot Mini?

The LCD in question: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/231534621596?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true

Hey! Does anyone know if that LCD would work with the Lulzbot Mini? I don’t really understand the whole RAMBo/RAMBo Mini compatibility thing and would love some help. I would assume I’d select the RAMBo adaptor from the list.


Most of the Rambo mini boards shipped with most of the Lulzbot Mini’s are the older style that lack the LCD headers. I don’t know if the newer mini’s have them or not. If your board doesn’t have the headers, you aren’t attaching an LCD to it without replacing the board entirely unless there is another option i’m not aware of.

The information here might help you.

These versions have two 2x5 pin extension headers that are compatible with the RepRapDiscount LCD controllers.
These earlier versions use finer pitch GPIO ports that were left off the board during manufacturing. Consequently, it would be difficult to add an LCD panel to these boards.

From looking at the Gladiola (latest production run) docs, I see a mention of a MiniRAMBo 1.1b. Still, it probably wouldn’t hurt to open up your case and see if the GPIO pins are installed or not, and if they’re the correct diameter.